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Golf Training Net Portable Golf Folding Practice Hitting Cage Swing Net Outdoor Sports Golf Supplies

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Weight: 7.9kg

Size: 10ft×7ft×3ft

Material: net

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Name: Golf indoor and outdoor practice net

Weight: 7.9kg

Size: 10ft×7ft×3ft

Material: net

Packing:nylon storage bag

Vantages: anti-strike / anti-rebound ball net, double-sided protective net design

Use: can practice wooden poles / irons / cutting rods, suitable for indoor, balcony, outdoor, etc.

Packing List: Golf Practice Net * 1 (Assembly required)

Before any sport, you must understand the basic rules of the movement to be able to enjoy and avoid being amused. Golf focuses on the display of gentry, and the understanding of basic rules can not be ignored equally. Therefore, the basic rules of golf, the difference between the match and the hole match, the correct judgment and treatment of various hitting conditions and the precautions for participating in the game are explained.

Although there are many rules for golf, the basic rules are as follows:

1. The contestants must play under fair conditions.

2. In the process of competition, we must be able to deal with the situation which is beneficial to myself objectively.

As for other rules, they are based on the above two basic principles.

Although the rules of golf are formulated by the Golf Association, most of them are still entrusted with the actual management of the players themselves. When the competition is carried out, each player is responsible for making the competition fair and fair; And based on the spirit of fair competition, each player should ask himself to be a judge who abides by the rules.

The basic principle of playing golf is to strike a ball from the table to the hole. In short, it is from the first shot, then the second and third, repeatedly hitting the ball, and hitting the ball into the hole, there is no other way. If you move with the ball, or use throwing, rolling, etc., it is against the rules.

After the ball is in a static state, the competition shall continue. When the ball is shot out, no matter in which state the ball goes down, it shall wait until the ball is in a static state to continue the game. This is the same rule of golf. It is absolutely impossible to touch or move the position of the ball, or change the surrounding environment for the convenience of swing.

Golf Training Net Portable Golf Folding Practice Hitting Cage Swing  (1)
Golf Training Net Portable Golf Folding Practice Hitting Cage Swing  (
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