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Golf is a sport that combines physical strength and mental strength. Before the 18th hole is finished, we often have a lot of room for thinking. This is not a sport that requires quick battles, but a slow and decisive sport, but Sometimes it is because we think too much, which leads to poor performance and counterproductive results.

On November 21st, the European Tour Finals-DP World Tour ended the final competition at Jumeirah Golf Estate in Dubai. The 32-year-old McIlroy swallowed 3 bogeys in the last four holes and finally competed with Europe. The tournament championship was missed, and McIlroy was so depressed after the game that he tore his shirt and attracted media attention.


McIlroy’s failure may lie in his thinking too much. As a professional player, McIlroy has extraordinary talents. His swing is so perfect that it makes viewers pleasing to the eyes. Once he masters the rhythm of the game, then He is invincible and invincible. His winning logic is to hit the perfect ball. He needs to constantly motivate himself to do better through perfect shots.


However, there are always ups and downs, and the more you try to perfect your technique, the more you don’t like it. For example, before the 15th hole of the final round, When his second shot hit the flag, he rolled into the bunker and lost bogey, the mentality of his game also collapsed.


McIlroy’s challenge comes less from the pressure of his opponent’s steady and precise play than from the obsession of self-comparison — everyone wants to play better, expecting nothing to affect our performance, but sometimes striving for perfection only leads to the opposite.

The problem with thinking too much is not the thoughts that keep popping up in our heads, but the time we spend digesting them.


Thinking and not focusing on the present, like a torn McIlroy in defeat.

When we are missing a simple push rod, tend to think due to bad weather or bad luck influence factors, such as the handle, just like when we are depressed, unconsciously think how myself with such a bad one, angry about, but in fact, think of another way, this is just a lever, it’s not a big deal.


Excessive thinking also comes from obsession with a positive attitude, obsession with the past and future, and obsession with the best.

A lot of the ball friend all insist that staying positive than negative mentality to play better, but once accepted this set, we will enter another state – when you realize you are not actively, will be under pressure, then began to try to find this kind of positive attitude, but it can make people too busy to pay attention to the present, make a positive mental attitude has become a burden.

What distracts us is the obsession with the past and the future, and the obsession with the best. Although we can learn from the past and plan for the future, we can’t be too addicted to it, because no matter how much we indulge in the past Or fantasizing about the future will distract you. Similarly, when we are on the court, trying to find the best behavior through various techniques, conventions, and rules will also make us think too much.


The key issue is not to maintain a positive attitude or avoid negative attitude, but is to keep the mind calm, the best state is our body’s instinct, is our natural state, to win the people, mostly focus on the present, so, don’t want to play golf too much, because no matter what you are thinking, can affect your only you, keep the focus on the present, is especially important.

Post time: Dec-08-2021