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There is a story in golf circles. A private company owner who likes to play tennis received two foreign bankers during a business event. The boss invited the bankers to play tennis and gave the bankers an experience. The tennis is heartily. When he left, the banker said to the executives of private companies who came to see him off: “Your boss is in good health, but you should still persuade him to play golf instead!” the young executive asked. “Is golf better than tennis?” said the banker.”To play tennis, you think about how to beat your opponents, and when playing golf, you need to think about how to beat yourself, because golf is a sport that challenges you. In the business world , The bosses don’t like direct confrontation with their opponents.

When encountering problems, the first thing they think of is how to defeat themselves.”


Courses, obstacles, traps, tee-offs, holes…A game of golf needs to face many challenges. Strategy and courage are indispensable, and character and character are even more commendable. This is a training of leadership And challenge.


Character Strength | Virtuous and Generous, Elegant and Tolerant

Golf is regarded as a Western “gentleman’s sport”. It also emphasizes etiquette and character. The sporting spirit of golf is based on etiquette and rules. In the golf arena, we not only see the undercurrents of players, but also Seeing players mend the ball marks in a gentlemanly dress; when they play a bad position and realize that they should be penalized, they are more inclined to tell the players or referees of the same group truthfully, be honest and trustworthy, consider others, and character Being regarded as a standard by golf, etiquette and honesty are more important than good results on the golf course. Like true leadership, it not only comes from ability, but also from the charm of personality.


Heart Intelligence | Solid as the Rock, Tough as the Pampas Grass

The challenge of golf is 18 holes of different obstacles and traps. Every swing in this is a direct confrontation of oneself, self-adjustment in the face of abnormal self-exertion, and self-restoration in the face of excellent performance. , The ups and downs of the stadium and the joy and compassion are all the players’ tenacity and persistence. The so-called blessings and misfortunes depend on each other, the world is impermanent, and both the market and life need a strong heart, and the side court is just a small trial ground.


In the business world, there are many people who can be businessmen, but there are very few who can be called entrepreneurs. In the invisible shopping mall, it is better to find ways to make yourself stronger than to defeat the opponent. Every time a golfer goes to the golf course, golfers have to face a choice, how to control themselves, plan strategies, how to restrain themselves, temper their character, how to accept failure, and strengthen their hearts… This is the training of golf’s leadership, why so many The reasons why entrepreneurs and executives are willing to devote themselves to golf.

Post time: Dec-23-2021